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Wildlife Rehabilitation

Founded in 2009 by local licensed wildlife rehabber, Vicki Windham, North Mountain Wildlife Rescue was established to take in injured and orphaned native mammals and reptiles.  As a state licensed rehabilitation center, animals brought to us are provided with the best possible care and treatment while in our care. Our goal is to then eventually return healthy, viable native animals back into the wild.

North Mountain is unique in that it is one of the few wildlife rehab centers that specializes in injured reptiles and amphibians.  In addition, North Mountain also takes in orphaned juvenile possums, squirrels and rabbits, who remain under our care until they are of a suitable age to be released.  At this time we do not take in injured birds or rabies/vector species.  

Additionally, it is our goal to provide assistance and education to the public pertaining to wildlife issues along with encouraging and improving environmental enrichment practices within the wildlife rehabilitation community for animals while they are in care.



If you need assistance with an injured native animal please text our rescue at 757-749-5640!

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